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Learn how the LifeOmic Oncology enables clinicians to design individualized patient treatment plans by deeply exploring data from EHRs, genetic tests, clinical trial matching databases, wearable devices and patient-reported outcomes.

All the data, in one place. LifeOmic’s secure cloud-based platform integrates with your institution’s EHR and genetic testing laboratories to consolidate your patient’s genetic tests, clinical history, treatments, and other data like biometrics from wearable devices and survey results. All of this data can be viewed in one place as charts and tables over time in layouts that are customizable to suit each clinician’s workflow. 

Leave no stone unturned to improve individual outcomes. For insights beyond a patient’s lab report, LifeOmic Oncology enables you to deeply explore a patient’s genetic data, including possible therapy and trial matches, with independent databases such as the Jackson Labs Cancer Knowledgebase, ClinVar, and 

A better patient experience. LifeOmic’s mobile device app delivers visually appealing, easy-to-understand patient education and includes a digital binder with all their resources in one place, that’s easily updated by the care team  The app also can collect information about patient adherence to medication or diet and lifestyle recommendations, deliver validated quality of life questionnaires, and provide medication and appointment reminders.

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